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Guinness Book World Record Breaking Entertainer, Cartoonist, Broadcaster and Author, Wild Bill Cooksey presents the fascinating art of handwriting analysis. By carefully examining the signature of each guest, Wild Bill will amazingly reveal personality and character traits that will give positive insights into each life. His years of expertise will dazzle the mind as he provides highly acclaimed quality reports in an entertainment style that will keep your interest peaked and highlight your memories for years to come.

He will not only give you profiles on your personality traits and characteristics but he will teach you how to improve the way others respond to you by showing you how to change your handwriting to show more positive traits.

Since it has been proven that a signature shows the image a person wishes to project of himself or herself to the world and over 70% of Americans haven't a clue as to how their signatures are perceived by others, an encounter with a skilled handwriting analyst may not only be a valuable asset to improving one's personal life and business career, but will be the topic of many conversations for years to come. Plus, you can be sure when the analyst's name is "Wild Bill" , you can expect lots of fun and laughter from a once in a lifetime, entertaining experience.

Are you looking for something different to entertain and hold the attention of your guests at your next special event?

Do you realize how much each of us reveals about ourselves when we simply scribble a note or sign a check?


The way a person writes his name expresses his emotions and thoughts through his handwriting. This person is revealing much about himself without even knowing it. Our staff of handwriting experts will delight your guests with all the information that is revealed about them each time they write just their signature.

Handwriting Analysis is a scientific art which can help in the creation of a personality profile from just a simple sample of a person's writing. This revelation is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

On a prepared paper or card, each person will be asked to sign his name and/or write a simple sentence or two. Our handwriting expert will clearly point out how the method and unique style used in the samples immediately reveal insights into the personality traits and individual character. This will never cease to amaze your guests.

Every day in our society handwriting analysis is used by corporations in selecting new employees, by our court systems in selecting juries and by our law enforcement agencies in their attempts at solving crimes. Every day people in our society want to know if their romantic or business interests are compatible for success. Men and women from all walks of life desiring to improve their lifestyle seek valuable knowledge revealed only through handwriting analysis.

You and your guests will be dazzled by the knowledge and entertainment presented by our world class handwriting experts at your event.