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Hosted by Bill and Janae Cooksey

We would never have believed that in our lifetime God would bless us with the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful Christian Leaders. Although our American Carousel program's focus has always been on Salvation through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, the one-on-one personal verbal encounters we experienced with a special group of seasoned servants of the Most High God gave us even more encouragement than ever in making sure that all our listeners have a chance to accept God's Gift of Eternal Life through His Only Begotten Son. The Anointing spoken of by Jesus in the Temple in the Luke 4 passage is quite evident in the lives of every one of our committed guests as each Carousel interview conversation progressed. By their own testimonies, these dedicated men and women of God show that "what's in the heart definitely comes out the mouth".

We personally want to thank each of these very busy Christian Leaders for sharing such valuable time with us and our listeners. We promised our guests to take every opportunity available to us in getting these words of godly wisdom distributed throughout this whole world for only one reason. Jesus Christ has promised to return for every believer who has confessed Him as Lord of their life. With over 5 billion souls in this world, time is short and as Christians we have all been commissioned to proclaim this Gospel in the most effective way possible. The fruit of the ministries of our radio interview guests has produced millions of "born again" believers over the years. As each of these soulwinners presents their own personal testimony and invites listeners and readers to accept Jesus as the Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of the unsaved to give up the pursuit of this temporal world's pleasures and turn to the Only Chance for Eternal Life.

Our personal acknowledgments and gratitude are also extended to the graciousness and dedication of our Producer, Rich Woodruff, our airtime sponsors, Paul and Evelyn Smith and the many, many listeners that stood behind us with their prayers and encouragement. When God calls you to a task, He promises to provide every need to complete the job. Cooksey's American Carousel Radio program is living proof that Our God keeps His Word. One of our guests, songwriter, Don Moen, wrote an incredible song entitled, "God Will Make A Way Where There Seems To Be No Way". Every interview we've ever had was a battle to set up, a nightmare for the arrangement of a perfect studio recording environment and the ultimate in trying to maintain victory over the enemy's constant negative voice proclaiming," This will never work...give up...maybe God never ordained this're talking too're talking too little...the guest hates you..your spouse hates you and is offended because you are hogging the one's going to hear one is going to care...and certainly no one is going to get saved." Praise God for the Holy Spirit's awesome power to drown out that voice and reassure our hearts that JESUS IS LORD OVER ALL.

Bill and Janae Cooksey
Hosts/ Cooksey's American Carousel

Click on each Chapter to join Bill and Janae as they visit with each of these TWELVE MEN WITH A PASTOR'S HEART
Chapter One:
D.James Kennedy
Chapter Two: T.D. Jakes Chapter Three: Ed Cole Chapter Four: Rex Humbard
Chapter Five: Hal Lindsey Chapter Six: LaVerne Tripp Chapter Seven: David Jeremiah Chapter Eight:
E.V. Hill
Chapter Nine: Richard Roberts Chapter Ten: Glen Berteau Chapter Eleven: Scott Bauer Chapter Twelve:
Jack Hayford


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The second collection of selected COOKSEY'S AMERICAN CAROUSEL RADIO INTERVIEWS featuring the ministries of guests with a worldwide evangelistic presence in international revivals and mass media coverage.
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