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Debuting on the Web, September 29, 2000

Be A Part of the Most Exciting Festivities In Las Vegas

Positively Vegas !

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& Excitement "A La Vegas"

Your BRAVOVEGAS.COM hosts are Wild Bill and Janae Cooksey

Soon to be seen this Fall, 2000, on VH1 Music Television

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You Can Enjoy All The Fun Vegas Has To Offer


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Hear Bill and Janae's exciting LIVE radio updates every week on

Show Reviews, Celebrity Interviews, The Best Places to Dine

Syndicated Radio Hosts / Producers of their own radio shows from 1985 through 1996 originating from KTRB-AM, KCIV-FM, KPLA-AM, KCBC-AM which aired in the Bay Area and all of Northern CA alone to a potential audience of over 12 million people. The guest interviews were syndicated to 22 major markets in the USA which aired weekly to a mass coverage of over 100 million residents in the total listening areas. The program, "Cooksey's American Carousel" was a "chat around the coffee table" type family show co-hosted by Wild Bill and Janae. Their well known guests included Pat Boone, Dave Dravecky, Mickey Gilley, Meadowlark Lemmon, Bo Diddley and hundreds more authors, entertainers, speakers, sports figures and business professionals who have appeared on national programs such as The Larry King Show, CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, CNN and most of the main TV talk shows. The Cookseys also wrote and produced all of the entertaining commercials for their sponsors as well as all of their special radio dramas with sound effects. During the years, they did extra promotional remotes on location to interact more with their listeners. Many broadcasts will be live at special locations all over Las Vegas.

Want to learn more about the hosts? Go to:

Bill and Janae Cooksey: Entertainers / Broadcasters / Journalists / Educators