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Cooksey & Associates
entertain with Wild Bill as the main handwriting analyst interacting with guests in a fun, entertaining and informative manner.This format is also especially effective at trade shows and conventions although it works great at hospitality suite parties and corporate meetings.

The fascinating art of Handwriting Analysis will be presented by Guinness Book World Record Breaking Entertainer, Broadcaster and Author, Wild Bill Cooksey. By carefully examining the signature of each guest, Cooksey will amazingly reveal personality and character traits that will give positive insights into each life. Since it has been proven that a signature shows the image a person wishes to project of himself or herself to the world and over 70% of Americans haven't a clue as to how their signatures are perceived by others, an encounter with a skilled handwriting analyst may not only be a valuable asset to improving one's personal life and business career, but will be the topic of many conversations for years to come. Plus, you can be sure when the analyst's name is "Wild Bill", you can expect lots of fun and laughter from a once in a lifetime, entertaining experience.