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Hi Lisa,

Oh, the contest is for real! The winner will be announced and paid on February 11, 2007. Read this entire email, follow all the links, read all the text on each of those pages and you will be totally informed.

In fact, because we did a Billboard Magazine PR Wire press release about the song and the contest which you can read at, it quickly got the attention of the BBW Model, Velvet D'Amour, who caused all the uproar in Paris in September. She wrote and told us hold much she liked the song. So we immediately revamped the music to a more club mix version and named it after her, "Velvet D'Amour Struts Her Stuff".

But although I am pushing through all the doors in Europe and Asia daily in promoting the "Velvet" song internationally to radio and club DJs, the original contest to find someone to create a dance called the BBW STRUT with dance steps that fit my "Big Beautiful Women Know How To Strut Their Stuff" song is going stronger than ever.

In fact, after Velvet told ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT about how her walk down the fashion runway had inspired me to write and record the song she liked, I got a call from ET in New York about the contest. I was told that they would be interested in covering the Finals here in Vegas next February. Since ET has Velvet under an exclusive one year contract, the timing for all of this could not be better.

Now I have no idea where someone made you believe I was seeking ONLY a BBW to do a dance. Someone perhaps did not follow the link to and read all the details about the contest. Because NO PLACE have I posted that I wanted JUST a BBW to dance in order to receive the $1000 reward. Every BBW is welcome to enter the competition and would certainly know best how to do The BBW STRUT. But any human being is eligible to become a contestant according to the guidelines.


So that you will get the facts from the horse's mouth, here's the real scoop:*****


The purpose of this competition is to have an official designated and choreographed dance for people to follow whenever my song is played: Example= When the band plays "Let's Twist Again", the dancers do "The Twist"..........When the band plays "The Bunny Hop", the dancers do "The Bunny Hop"....In the 90s when the band played Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achey Breakey Heart", the dancers did a dance called "The Achey Breakey"....When my song at is played, I want dancers to automatically do "The BBW STRUT".


We are having a contest for "EVERYONE":

#1. People of ALL sizes,

#2. People of ALL ages

#3. People of ALL genders

and even

#4. Any number of people in a group at one time

who wish to win $1000.00 in cash BY CREATING AN ORIGINAL DANCE CALLED "The BBW STRUT". To WIN, All details, guidelines, rules and suggestions as to how to enter the competition and exactly how to submit an official entry must be followed as found at the URL below.


Click Here For The ONLY Song Which Is To Be Used As The Music For A Contestant's Originally Created Dance:

All Dance Steps, Patterns And Routines Must Fit the music of :

"Big Beautiful Women Know How To Strut Their Stuff" copyright@2006 Sand and Palms Music,BMI

Click Here To Play And Download The Song:


If you saw ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT last Monday and Tuesday, or on the weekend edition, then you saw the interviews with our new friend Velvet D'Amour, the BBW Super Model who shocked the Paris Fashion Show Runways in September as she strutted her stuff in the midst of dozens of petite models and the subject/title of our latest song at

Here is the ET online link about her.


VELVET EVEN WROTE ME some emails after she had seen a Billboard Magazine PR Release I put out about my song at wrote:

.."Hi Bill!

...lets just say I was beyond flattered!!!! Just wanted to send you a thank you bigger then, then, thennnnnn... my hips (and thats mighty big), for supporting us BBWs and for such a killer tune! You rock! Velvet....


Well you certainly made my day which is why I couldnt resist telling ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT about YOU and just how powerful an impact a jaunt down a runway can be. I was thrilled beyond measure that you had not only found my moves inspiring but more importantly the domino effect that you create upon offering such a contest to futher empower other bbws. Thats just plain magic! That is so COOL that you took the time to personalise it?! WOW! You are the b e s t!....I WILL SEND YOUR SONG ALONG TO JEAN PAUL GAUTHIER perhaps so that he can see how his brave step to place a woman of my size on his runway def had such positive reprocussions because of forward thinking open minded people like you who arent afraid of nonconformity and who proudly tout the sexyness of us BBWs!!!


Velvet ....


Our latest song ABOUT HER is now beginning to be played in Europe, Asia and Australia, but we want this message about how beautiful Full Figured Ladies really are to cover the USA because "It's About Time People Recognized Real Beauty!" As you know, the targeted market for those ladies who are considered BBWs just in the US is way over 75 million. So we are hoping everyone will jump on board and give these full figured girls some encouragement by letting them hear me sing how beautiful and gorgeous they are to us smart guys.

Below is the direct link to the song about VELVET.

Please help us by downloading it and seeing it gets played for BBWs and BBW Admirers. I've started doing some radio interviews with fun hosts who like either or both the Velvet club mix song and the more country rock version in the second link below. We know that if all of us together get behind someone like Velvet and her recent victory for BBWs, then attitudes will change worldwide!

Click Here For

"Velvet D'Amour Struts Her Stuff"


Your Vegas Pal, Wild Bill

----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Lisa Marie Date: Nov 27 2006 11:11 PM if this is for real and u are really giving out 1000 to a bbw to do a bbw strut to your song, i want u at my club we are in long beach, ca every fri and sat night id like to see the rules of the contest , the end date and payment date my club is packed every weekend, i can get your song out there, its cute! lol thanks! Lisa Marie