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As an independent funding referral associate, your main task is to locate businesses who have an immediate need for cashflow and working capital.

Read all of the information on this page to familiarize yourself with exactly what you are offering to the company officials and then provide all the requested information in the 18 questions listed below.

You should arrange to speak with the owner, owners, CEO or Chief Financial Officer to discuss a possibility of having a financial group of funding professionals purchase all or part of the company's current accounts receivables ( also called "invoices" ) in return for advancing the company the necessary capital for completion of current company goals that would be of great benefit to the company's financial future.

If after explaining the benefits of the service you are offering to provide, your potential client does not feel comfortable with giving you all the information requested, then you must assume that the need for a solution to the cashflow problem is not as great as it has been expressed.

It is best then to thank the company's officials and leave your contact information, inviting them to get in touch with you in the future if they ever feel a need for working capital or cashflow.

Do not press or push the person or persons in charge to give you any information they do not feel comfortable releasing to you. If they have more questions or wish to discuss it with us personally, set up a time when we might call them. We will be happy to assist you with any potential client you feel is serious and desires our services.

More than 50 % of the businesses in America are excellent candidates for needing extra cashflow and / or working capital in order to continue their growth and to keep up with current daily expenses such as payroll, purchasing new inventory and to be able to extend credit to loyal customers.

When one of the funding members of our network of financial groups purchases the accounts receivables, a business owner will receive money withn 24 to 48 hours in his or her bank account. The financial group who has issued those funds will then come in if requested and professionally assist the business in collecting all that is owed on the purchased invoices.

What are the requirements for a business to qualify for this type of immediate financing?

The business must have ALREADY completed the work or shipped the product to creditworthy customers. The business to be considered for funding should also have at least $10,000.00 in monthly receivables in order to qualify for the factoring services.

The easiest way to find out if the business you are submitting is eligible for this type of funding is to ask the owner or person in charge of the company's finances to give you a few minutes to write down the answers to the following queries below:

1. Business Name

2. Address of Business

3. City, State and Zip

4. State of Incorporation or City and County in which license for business has been issued.

5. The date the business started.

6. Current business phone number

7. Current Fax number

8. Email address

9. Business website

10. Name, Address and percentage of business ownership belonging to the President or owner

11. Name, Address and percentage of business ownership of the Vice President

12. Does the bank or any other party have a security interest in the accounts receivable or inventory of the company? Yes or No

13. Does the company or any of it's management team have any threatened or pending litigation against any part of the company?

14. What is the average invoice size?

15. What is the sum of the average monthly sales of the business in the last 12 months.

16. What percentage of business sales would the owner wish to be funded through a customized, creative format?

17. Give a brief description of the nature of the products and / or services sold by the business in 50 words or less.

18. What is the full name, phone number, snall mail address and email address of the person or organization recommending the business described in the above questions 1 - 17.

Now complete these answers online and send them by email to:


or print out your answers and send them by postal mail to:

C. William Cooksey
Cooksey & Associates
1400 S. Valley View Blvd. # 1002
Las Vegas, Nevada

After reviewing the answers to all 18 questions listed above, we will reply by email with news about the next step in the process of getting the necessary funding for the business you have described in this email.

We indeed look forward to working with you in making 2006 the most successful year of your life. If you have any questions about how to explain any of the material on this webpage or anything else that pertains to referring a new client for us to help, please call 702-254-6092 .

Taking Charge Of Tomorrow Today,
C. William Cooksey
Business Finance Network


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